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The first iteration of RoofTropixx Media live programming will be for a four week period, scheduled from 6am to 12 noon (Mon – Fri) and 6pm to 11pm (Saturdays). The programming for the first month is as follows:

Monday to Friday

6am – 8am… ‘Kweyol La Force’ with cultural activist Mr Hilary La Force

8am – 10am… ‘The Missing Link’ with radio/tv presenter Russell Lake

10am – 11am… ‘Tip n Run’ with Hilary La Force and Russell Lake

11am – 12noon… Musical interlude

Saturdays 6pm – 10pm will feature deejays and the fielding of telephone calls from people at home and abroad.

The second iteration of live programming on RoofTropixx Media will add the 12noon to 6pm slot (for four weeks) which will feature deejays from the diaspora playing from outside of St Lucia. The third and final iteration will add the 6pm to 12 midnight slot comprising various talk shows, live performances and audience-participatory events (live from the Rooftop and/or off-venue). Thus after a period of eight weeks, RoofTropixx Media will be broadcasting audio and video content from 6am to 12 midnight daily.


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