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Broadcasting Type:
You can broadcast live from your location, send in a recording or send us your existing stream and we will relay it on your slot.
If you have a podcast we can broadcast it as your show on this network.
Show Times:
Your show must not be less than 60 minutes. Only shows we have approved will be listed.
Time Slots:
Check availability before you submit the form. We will allocate your selected time slot on a first come first serve basis, if you have an alternative time, you should tell us in the description, and if available, we will approve.
Week Days:
If you have selected more than one day. You should make it clear in your description what times you want applied to what day.
Approval Process
We will ask for more information if your application is vague, and when your show and slot is confirmed, we will send you an email with confirmation. You will have to log onto the Simifran portal to accept our terms of broadcast. But not to worry, we will tell you everything you need to know and how to manage your show on our network.
The Kbit Network is owned and operated by Simifran(UK) Ltd

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As a general rule:
The network or the broadcaster can deliver ads over a show. However, broadcasters should not include any advertising during their show unless authorized to do so by the Network. By default, Kbit Network will schedule all advertising automatically over all shows.
Broadcaster to advertise:
If a broadcaster has been given the rights to include ads into a recorded or live show, they must first ensure that they have enough credits to deliver the appropriate ads on their show.
More information:
As a broadcaster, you have more than one way to generate revenue using advertising spots around your show, and we are very keen to make sure that you earn while doing what you love.
CLICK HERE to view all the possibilities available to you on this network. Any questions, please raise a support ticket from your account on the Simifran CRM


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