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Getting started with Kbit Network as a broadcaster, DJ or other entity. You must first apply if you want to broadcast your content on the Kbitnetwork platform services (KbitPlay & KbitTV). If your want to broadcast to your own website and or social media, then your application should be made on the Simifran website. When any application to broadcast on the network platform is made, after an application for a slot or channel has been approved, you will have to accept and sign a consent agreement online before your content is allowed to be broadcast on the network or used by the network. PLEASE READ AND APPLY USING ONE OF THE SECTIONS BELOW.

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When applying for a slot, you MUST complete a separate application for each broadcast platform ie. Audio, Video or Student. All plications are process on the Kbit Network website, please read the information notes there before you apply. NOTE: You cannot apply for a slot to start broadcasting on the same day, you must apply at least 14 days before your intended broadcast start date.



As a general rule:
The network or the broadcaster can deliver ads over a show. However, broadcasters should not include any advertising during their show unless authorized to do so by the Network. By default, Kbit Network will schedule all advertising automatically over all shows.
Can Broadcasters advertise?
If a broadcaster has been given the rights to include ads into a recorded or live show, they must first ensure that they have enough credits to deliver the appropriate ads on their show.
More information:
As a broadcaster, you have more than one way to generate revenue using advertising spots around your show, and we are very keen to make sure that you earn while doing what you love.
CLICK HERE to view all the possibilities available to you on this network. Any questions, please raise a support ticket from your account on the Simifran CRM

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    • Due to Copyright infringement LAWS, we MUST insist that you have the rights to images and text submitted for your channel.
    • You cannot apply for a channel to start broadcast on the same day, you need to apply at least 14 days before your broadcast start date.
    • We will suspend your channel if you advertise without purchasing advert minutes.
Where can you broadcast from : You can broadcast live from your home studio using your own equipment, or from your station studio.
Broadcast from home studio: If you are broadcasting from your home studio, you will need use an encoder to send your content to our servers. We will provide you with the encoder details once we have approved your channel.
Broadcast from station studio: Your station valid url will be required for your broadcast on your KbitPlay channel. Once your channel application has been approved, we will ask for these details.
Images and photos: Once your channel has been approved, we will need a logo or image from you for use on the KbitPlay channel ID.
Additional cost: If you are likely to play adverts on the channel, we charge a flat fee of £12.99pw in addition to your channel monthly charge of £5.99.
Approval Process We will ask for more information if your application is vague, and when we approve your channel, we will send you an email with confirmation and a Simifran link where you can accept our terms of broadcast. If you need to discuss more, you can do so from the Simifran Portal.
The Kbit Network (includes the services KbitPlay and KbitTV) is a brand of Simifran(UK) Ltd Any questions, please raise a support ticket or, send an email to

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