Chatterbox Audio Theater

Chatterbox Audio Theater

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Monday 05:00 09:00
Tuesday 00:00 04:00
Tuesday 21:00 00:00
Wednesday 00:00 05:00
Thursday 02:00 06:00
Thursday 22:00 00:00
Friday 05:00 09:00
Saturday 00:00 03:00
Sunday 03:00 05:00

Headquartered in Memphis, TN, Chatterbox launched in 2007 with seven productions. Over the next 10 years, the grassroots organization would record and release new dramatizations of unforgettable literary classics, bold original works, innovative live performances, and more.

Whenever possible, Chatterbox productions relied on simultaneous, unedited performances and manual sound effects created live in the studio. We believe this gave our work the immediacy and vitality of live theater, and it gave Chatterbox’s contemporary sensibilities a bit of the flavor and charm of Old Time Radio.

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