Generate Revenue With Your Show


Income from advertising on the kbit network as a contributor is easier than you think.

After making a request for a slot HERE and signing up as a contributor, you can benefit from advertising revenue generated on the kbitplay or kbit TV platform in 3 ways. We have made each of these methods simple enough so you can use them in any combination to generate an income, you do not have to use them all to earn. Let us take a look at what we have;

(1) We place Adverts around your show: 

The network will pay you for every advert that we play during the ad breaks on your show. This is a default payment we make based on our advertising schedule. You do not have to participate in getting the advertising to get paid. We pay you 3.572% for every advert, each time an ad plays around your show. And we pay out monthly.


(2) You find adverts for the network:

In addition to us paying your for ads around your show, you can also find and book advertisers, we will invoice them and when they are fully paid up, we will then pay you a one time fee of 25% of the advert monthly value for every month the advert renews.


(3) Charging your clients directly to advertise:

Here you are totally in charge, because you have the client, you invoice and charge them what you want for the advertisement, they pay you directly and we invoice you at our standard tariff. (see below) And we still pay you 25%


And here you have it, 3 Ways to earn:

On (3) you can charge the client at your price and invoice them directly or on (2) you bring them to us and we invoice them directly, either way we pay you 25% for bringing the advert. And by default (1), we pay you again if the advert is around your show at the published rate. Let us be clear, as it stands, you are NOT required to make use of all three, but they are here for you to capitalise on if needed.



Contributors can deliver “Live Reads” and “Sponsored Slots” during their show, they invoice at their own prices to the clients, but we have very  strict rules on these, contributors can only deliver the number of reads/sponsors they purchase from us. We will charge you the contributor 0.50p for each read and £5. for each sponsor per week (minimum 2 weeks paid in advance), and these do not carry over. Therefore, if you purchase 4 reads/sponsors for the week and you have one show a week, this means that you can only do 4 reads/sponsors during that show. If you have 2 shows a week, then you can only do 4 reads/sponsors over the 2 shows  making it 2 reads/sponsors on each show or any combination you see fit. Going against these rules will result in a fine of £10 or 25% of total number or  reads/sponsors delivered, which ever is the greater. Failure to comply could result in the possible loss of your show.


Standard Advertising Prices (Minimum of 4 weeks booking)

AM 00:00 to 05:45

AM 06:00 to 11:45

PM 12:00 to 17:45

PM 18:00 to 23:45

£10.00 per week

£12.00 per week

£22.00 per week

£30.00 per week

1 x 30sec spot per plan Daily

1 x 30sec spot per plan Daily

1 x 30sec spot per plan Daily

1 x 30sec spot per plan Daily

Add £7 for 1 extra spot Daily

Add £7 for 1 extra spot Daily

Add £7 for 1 extra spot Daily

Add £7 for 1 extra spot Daily

Add £5 all other spots Daily

Add £5 all other spots Daily

Add £5 all other spots Daily

Add £5 all other spots Daily




1 x Banner included per week *

*Banner design cost is not included

When selecting spots in section 7, please click once to select, and click again to de-select


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