Icebox International

Mixed by 3D Kolaiah Bey

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DJ 3D Kolaiah Bey
Main selector of Ice Box International Sound; DJ 3D is not just a Deejay, but a Music Producer / Promoter based out of Staten Island, NY.
Born in 1972 in Brooklyn, NY, DJ 3D has a passion to attain the latest and rarest records which makes him a unique music collector.
He started spinning at Port Richmond High School basketball games in the 80’s, and has performed at various venues from New York City to California.
DJ 3D is always working producing mixes and promoting talents from various artists. His purpose is to play and produce music with meaningful lyrics to touch and inspire audiences of all ages. He can be heard on, & His show always reflects his personality, knowledge, and love for reggae music.
Always blasting the heavy dub plates from artists like Dawn Penn, Frankie Paul, and Johnny Osbourne, DJ 3D Kolaiah – The Voice of Jah, brings the positive conscious vibes to the party everywhere he plays. His primary desire is to promote and spread the hidden message behind the lyrics and is keen on playing tunes from worldwide artists, provided they have a positive message to transmit to the nations.

Check DJ 3D of Icebox Intl Live every Thursday, Friday & Saturday 6AM- 8AM EST Saturday 7pm – 10PM Sunday 8 Pm – 10 Pm @ www.zionhighness. Wednesday 8 Pm – 10 Pm Saturday 12 Noon – 2 Pm

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